Back to Bathurst

On Saturday, 20 February 2016, we packed our bags and a lunch and headed west to Bathurst. As we talked during the 3 hour drive, we contrasted our relaxed feelings to our first drive there pulling a trailer full of furniture and appliances. That was soon after we arrived in Sydney when we were still nervous driving on the left side of the road.

We stopped in one of the small mountain towns and enjoyed our lunch. It was almost cool enough for a jacket. When we arrived in Bathurst, the Branch president and his family were there saying their goodbyes to the Hills. Later, their delightful friend and neighbor, Nancy, came by. You can see her on the right with the Hills

Left, Elder and Sister Kinghorn, Sister Hill and Nancy. She was born in this home. She said, “My husband was the light of my life”. As newlyweds, they stayed in the home she grew up in so they could care for her Mom.  Nancy gave me a little tour of her beautiful home that is full of quality antique furniture. My sister Nancy would love it. It is very Australian in design. We really enjoyed visiting with her.

We were surprised that Elder and Sister Hill invited us to come to Bathurst the last weekend of their mission. But it worked. Elder Kinghorn helped mow the lawn and put clean sheets on a bed. I washed and dried a few dishes. Sister Hill loves to clean and garden, so she had everything ready for the couple that will come in May.

We both spoke and I played for Sacrament Meeting. Elder Kinghorn taught the Priesthood lesson. It lightened their load their last day in Bathurst. We both enjoyed seeing the Branch members again. They are such dedicated, good people.

Sisters Kurita and Morgan were so sad to see Sister Hill leave. Everyone loves them because they are so generous and caring. I took this last picture of the Hills in front of their Bathurst home just before we all left for Sydney.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a couple from Bathurst in the office the next week. They had just picked up their son from the airport and brought him to the office for President Back to interview and release him. He served in the Philippines.



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