I really like the nice meal we fix at the Mission home when Elders and Sisters leave.  I enjoy hearing their testimonies and seeing how generous and thoughtful they have become. But it hard to say goodbye! Left is Sister Paonga from New Zealand. Right is Sister McDonald from Perth who served in Sydney while waiting for her visa. You can see my red nose from crying.

Left is quiet and strong Sister Siale from Brisbane who we have known since we first arrived. Right is sweet Sister Huang from Taiwan. Behind us you can see some of the pictures of the Backs 7 children. Above are family pictures, below are collages. Above the pictures is a window like opening to the kitchen.

On the left are Sisters Chaipinit, Huang, and Going with President Back. He is putting pictures from his camera on their thumb drives. Their last day in Sydney includes a trip to the Opera House with President and Sister Back. It is when they arrive back that we serve a nice dinner. We let some the missionaries leaving choose the menu. his night we had an interesting combination of butter chicken (curry) and wild wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

On the right are Sisters Kapu, Esau and Bird. They are newly called Trainers for the missionaries that arrived 2 days later. They arrived in time for dessert: Sister Back’s delicious oatmeal cake.

Left is Sister Chaipinit from Thailand. She was a courageous hard working missionary.

It was another day and dinner when we said goodbye to the de Jonghs (top), Hills and Tolmans (bottom). Look how happy and relaxed they look. Sister Back didn’t let Sister Tolman prepare or help with the meal, trying to make it special for her.  It was very nice to hear these senior couple’s feelings about their assignments and their love for the missionaries and members they served. I cried as I hugged them goodbye, wondering if I would see them again.

But the Tolmans came in the office for a short time Tuesday to bring in their car keys and the SIM cards out of their phones. I was able to control my emotions long enough to express my love and appreciation to Sister Tolman for her generous help in the office.



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