Watson’s Bay

Look at the size of Dave’s hamburger he got on our outing to Watson’s Bay. We decided late in the afternoon on a Saturday that we would go the area around Watson’s Bay.  It is located on the peninsula that is called the South Head as it includes the land on the south side of the entrance to Sydney Harbor.  We took the train and then the bus to get there.  The bus went through some very nice residential areas that have a beautiful view of the harbor.  We decided those getting off the bus were maids and gardeners, not residents.  Once at Watson’s Bay we went to dinner at a little restaurant I saw on Trip Advisor.

The picture on the Left is looking out to the Tasman Sea/Pacific Ocean. On the right we are hiking up to the harbor entrance.


Here is a map of Watson’s Bay, courtesy of Doyle’s Seafood Restaurants. Our hike was to The Gap, where we saw these views of the harbor. Next time I would like to hike to South Head and come back for fish and chips! The ferry wharf is by the “You are Here” sign.

We could see the ferry returning from Manly. We could also see where tides met and made choppy waters.

It was a great time to be there as the sun was setting towards downtown Sydney.  We watched as a cruise ship sailed out to sea. What a stunning view it must have been from the  top deck!

Dave took lots of pictures of the surroundings and the sunset.  The folks there at Watson’s Bay were having a good time swimming, playing on the beach, having dinner, or strolling along the water. In the picture on the left, I am watching some young kids who had tied a band tightly between trees and were tight rope walking.

The ferry back to Circular Quay is a catamaran, so was smooth enough for Dave to get these beautiful pictures.  We took the train home.  The excursion turned out to be perfect and filled in another corner of this beautiful city for us.


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