Different Days

Here are a collection of pictures showing that I do not spend all my time at a computer in the office.

These are the beautiful young women I have enjoyed working with. To the left is a young woman in the Mortdale Stake. Alenna is at the piano and I am playing violin with Georgie. They are both fine musicians. Georgie and I both played in the production of the Messiah at Christmastime. It was  Georgie and her Mom that gave me rides to the rehearsals and let me borrow one of their stands.

Elders Katoa and Teolofi and Sisters Esau, Teahe and Koster enjoyed a dinner at the Mission Home the last night of their mission. President Back asked them each to share their favorite area to serve. It was interesting that many named their hardest area. They also shared their strong testimonies of the power of Christ’s Atonement. The next morning, Elder Kinghorn made an emergency drive to the airport when they discovered Elder Katoa’s passport was still at the Mission Home.

Here are Elders Millar and Hunt in the church kitchen washing dishes. I love it when the Elders help in the kitchen! We use the platters Elder Millar is drying all the time. They look nice, but are just plastic.

Elders Derieg and Wang serve in our Chinese Branch. Here are Elders Leal, Tiatia, Hayward and Madsa. They discovered a fan left over from the Chinese New Year party You can see the mission cars lined up behind them, mostly white Toyotas.


Here are six of the eight missionaries in our Chinese Branch. I took this pictures after English Class. From the left: Elders Xiao, Ross, Soon, Wang, Brown and Derieg. Hwalia is in front. She comes and helps with the more advanced English students. She was a missionary in the Brisbane Mission. She speaks Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Her parents were refugees from Vietnam, but she grew up in Australia. I love to talk with her when I get the chance.

This is a spontaneous long hair contest in the office. From left, Sisters Procarione, Teriihanui, Kapu, Bird and Esau. Sister Back is borrowing from Sister Esau so she can have long hair too.

Here we are celebrating Relief Society’s birthday. To the left you see Shelly with the Zhang family. At right are good friends from the Chinese Branch: Hiren, Taizsa, Sister Lam holding Taizsa’s daughter, Shelly, Sister Kinghorn, Sister Lee, Grace and Mei.

On the left you see the homemade birthday cake for the Relief Society. On the right is Sister Ah Colt with me (Sister Kinghorn). She came back to Sydney to visit the mission. When she was in the office, she grabbed my phone and took a selfie. She has lots of character.


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