Juniors and Seniors

28 April 2016

In the Office

We office missionaries get to see Sisters Nansen and Toialoa often because they serve in a nearby Bankstown ward. They give the best hugs (we sisters can hug the girls; the elders get a warm handshake). Here they are thrilled to get some mail. To the right are Elders Derieg and Wang, part of our Chinese branch. Elder Derieg has since moved to Wollongong (an Aboriginal name pronounced woolen-gong). It is a beautiful university town right on the coast south of Sydney.

Fun Lunch

President and Sister back invited all us Mortdale Zone missionaries to come to lunch at the Mission Home in between General Conference sessions. We could choose between sausage rolls (kind of like a hot  dog) or chicken salad sandwiches. I just helped put together some of the chicken sandwiches. President and Sister Back prepared it all themselves. I really love these missionaries. To the left Sisters Salts, Gomez, Samsen, Nelson and Tim. On the right, Elders Chen, Cummings and Ledbetter. Elder Ledbetter always asks if there is anything he can do to help. He washed dishes for me this week after the leadership council lunch! I was so grateful because I was so tired.

Going Away Party

We went to the Sydney North Mission’s Monday night FHE party honoring Elder and Sister Williams before they returned home to Brisbane. He is originally from Lancashire, England and she is Australian. They helped us so much, we really wanted to thank them one more time. The evening included dinner, a little presentation to thank the Williams, and a game to know each other better.

To the left you see President Checketts and his wife, who lead the Sydney North Mission. Seated to their right is their daughter, son and little grandson who were visiting. To the right are the Ellisses and Mackays who both teach self reliance (education, employment).

Elder and Sister Dinger are from my niece Mary Ann and her husband Russ’ Salt Lake ward. They gather and preserve history. Right now we are copying each of our newsletters for them. Elder Dinger is an obstetrician. To the right are the Leisters and Williams (both couples are office missionaries in the north mission). Elder Leister helped Elder Kinghorn put together the furniture from IKEA for the Mackay’s new flat. Elder Williams let us have the Mackay’s flat even though he needed one at the same time. Both Sister and Elder Williams answered a lot of our questions.

The large room we met in is part of Bucklin House, a building near the temple that has been converted into offices. It was on the estate when the church purchased the land.

Willing to Help


Michael and Freda Davis are the kind hearted couple who worked in the office with us when the Tolmans left. It is hard to express how grateful we are to them! They both are from England, but raised their family in Australia. They served as office missionaries in London. Their mission office was in the Hyde Park chapel where Dave spent much of his time when he was a young missionary.


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