Transfers come and we have to say goodbye to some of our favorite Chinese speaking Elders. It is like seeing off your own children. Left is Elder Soon from Malaysia and Taiwan with Sister and Elder Kinghorn. Right, Sophie, Michelle and Rey with Elder Soon and Elder Miller from Utah. Behind them you can see the tables set up for our after church meal. The weather has always been okay for us to eat outside.

Here we are with Elder Li from Hong Kong. He is able to teach those who speak Cantonese. On the right we are with Elder Miller. (That is what I look like when I try to smile with my mouth full of food.) I’m sorry I missed getting a picture of Elder Derieg.

Here we are with Elder Brown from England. He also snuck in Jun and Benjamin’s picture, right. I’m so happy Jun has come to Relief Society the last two weeks. The missionaries try to give Benjamin a personalized Primary lesson because he is the only one his age in the Branch.

This is Bovey, a recent convert and good friend who moved with his family to North  Sydney. He came back to our Branch so he could say goodbye to the Elders that got transferred. With the transferred missionaries, we hope we will see them again. It is different saying goodbye when they finish their mission and return home. To the right is a picture taken with dear Sister Hansen before she went back to Denmark. I tell them all to come to Utah and stay with us.





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