West toward the Blue Mountains is a suburb called St. Mary’s. Blake, from our Chinese Branch, owns a townhome there that he has been renting. He has decided to move in himself and has begun painting the whole house. President Kwok, who leads the Elder’s quorum, organized a work party to help Blake.

Left is Elder Ross on the ladder, right you see Elder Chen. The style of front door you see behind Elder Chen is very popular here. The horizontal windows go the full length of the door and have frosted glass.

We arrived in the afternoon after going to the temple, so changed when we arrived at Blake’s place. We wore the oldest clothes we brought to Australia. Elder Kinghorn wore some sweats we found in the Tolman’s flat, but rolled them up because it was hot! Right is Ian from our Branch presidency. Blake is his Mom’s boyfriend.

I can’t remember the last time I painted! Blake was brave to let all us amateurs loose with rollers and brushes! You can see from the picture on the left how small back gardens can be.


Blake was very pleased despite the mess we made. There were so many brushes and containers of paint so we all could be working.

I rolled the paint on the center part of the wall by the air conditioning/heating unit. Dave painted the cornice (crown molding) because he was the only one who could reach it.

Here is darling Isaac and his Mom, Sophia. When Isaac was napping in his stroller, then both Mei and Sophia could paint. Isaac slept in the bonus room back of the garage, similar to the one we have. But it is connected to the house through the laundry room. Mei is Ian’s Mom, Isaac’s grandmother and Blake’s girlfriend.

Here is Brother Yang. He is the quiet one in the Branch who brings lots of food for our meals and cleans up afterwards. He is always serving others. Here is a better picture of Ian, Sophia’s husband.

How did Brother Yang get paint all down his side? Dave set his paint on the ladder briefly when he was done with the cornice. Brother Yang decided to use the ladder, but didn’t see the paint. He is such a good man, he didn’t get upset at all.





One thought on “Paint

  1. Eva

    Dear Ilene and Dave,

    We just painted our office, so all of the plastic and paint in your photos looked familiar! I told you we painted our living room white and the kitchen white and blue–now we have painted the office grey. I was excited to get rid of the pumpkin color that our children chose a decade ago. Have we really been here that long? Yes. Scott set a pan of paint down and then called me to come over, forgetting that the pan was right where I would step, and guess what…I stepped right in! No biggie! Now the office has light grey walls and new medium grey carpet–we are so pleased with the results.

    Last week, my childhood friend who introduced me to the church came to stay for a week. We had such a good time going to Temple Square concerts and various other things. She hadn’t been to SL for 20 years.

    Melissa says her baby isn’t making any signs of early delivery, so that means I get to be home to help plant the garden. Yesterday I started spring cleaning outside–power-washed the house and swept out under the deck.

    Probably your children told you about the big wind storm this past Saturday night. We even had a 91 MPH blast up here in Farmington. When we drove to church, it looked like a couple of tons of garbage and debri were caught in the fences in those empty fields across from Station Park. Some of the wards on the east side got hit worse than we did and were let out of church to go do cleanup in the neighborhoods–fallen trees, etc. We lost a few limbs and some shingles, but the lawn was littered with branches. Ashley’s trees along the creek lost some very large limbs. One neighbor had part of their fence blown away. One of the men in our ward who owns a big truck came around the ward to pick up limbs. Scott got all of Ashley’s and our limbs taken out to the street, but then he went to help the neighbor get their yard cleaned out and their limbs loaded on the truck–even their swingset was mashed up, and they live along the creek like we do, so they had major damage to the trees–so they didn’t get around to loading our limbs that night. We have a couple of great kids in the ward who come over to mow our lawn now (LOVE IT!!!) and this morning we had them rake up all the small limbs in AShley’s back yard. Did I tell you that AShley and John bought a house in the suburbs of Chicago, in a town called Wilmette? They wish they were moving here, but they need to stay back there longer. They needed to move to the suburbs for John’s school, and they found a home that was a perfect investment–beautiful bones and I think only about 10 years old, right next to little John’s school, fantastic community, but needing a lot of TLC. They even had to buy some light fixtures! She has enjoyed picking new carpet, paint and window coverings.

    With painting and cleaning up after the storm, and with the start of spring cleaning and planting, it has been a busy week. Not much else is new. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures–you look like you are having such a great adventure down there. I hope things are going well for you. It seems that lately I am reminded–almost on a daily basis as I do this family history work–that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real and that, though men try to thwart their plan, this is Their world and in the end, Their will–not men’s–will be done.




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