A Taste of the Museum


On a Saturday afternoon, the Thompsons joined us for a trip to the Australian Museum. To get to the museum from the train it is a nice walk through Hyde Park. The flowers are so beautiful and there are nice fountains. We saw really big impatiens and just planted pansies. There is also a big war memorial.

On the right you see the Thompsons, our new co workers in the Mission Office.

Down the center of Hyde Park runs a wide tree lined sidewalk. Right is the facade of the Australian Museum. There have been additions to the building more than once.

It is a natural history museum with many skeletons and animals. The birds are one of our favorite things about Australia. As we walked through the North America section, Dad commented on how exotic the bison and bear must seem to Australians, while we are interested in the kangaroo, wombat, and poisonous spiders, snakes and jellyfish. They have an enormous skeleton of what looks to be a humpback whale hanging from the ceiling.

We were fascinated by the pelvic bones of the Kangaroos, left. Some species of kangaroo have muscles in their tales and use them to carry things! The building itself was interesting to see.

These are like totem poles and are from a big variety of South Pacific islands. Some reached nearly to the very high ceiling.

I found the aboriginal exhibits very interesting. They were full of carved wooden shields, spears, and totem poles. There were beautifully woven baskets and buckets carved out of big tree knots. Their story mirrors the American Indian and is full of oppression and racism.

The gift shop was just off this atrium connecting buildings. We looked seriously at some Australian souvenirs, but they were pricey.  Back out in Hyde Park, we relaxed for a long time on a bench listening to the fountain and facing St. Mary’s cathedral. We saw a bride and groom being photographed. Their classic car they hired drove right up on the big wide sidewalk. We also saw a large Asian tourist group, an inline skater, Jehovah Witnesses and many couples. We finally coaxed ourselves off the bench and found a Pie Face shop to eat dinner. Thanks to the Urrys for telling us how tasty their food is. They have sandwiches and little meat pies and pastry wrapped rolls such as spinach and cheese. We are glad we chose to sit at the tables outside on the sidewalk because some former missionaries stopped and said hi! It was two young women who served as companions in Korea and were having a reunion, one from Brisbane and the other from Atlanta, Georgia.


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