A Baby in the House

One Sunday night we had Wei Li and Sophie and their little baby Brian over for dinner. They were one of the couples that took the temple preparation class last year from Sister Kinghorn. Ilene had wanted to invite them over and felt impressed that this night would be perfect. When she invited them the day before, they seemed very pleased to come.

We found out at church that it was Wei’s birthday and he was turning 27. So it was perfect timing to have them come to dinner. We put a candle in Wei’s ice cream and he clapped while we sang to him.

It was fun to have a baby in the house and give him some attention. Brian really tried to reach the candle and all the things on the table!

Can you see the biscuit (cookie)? They are Arrowroot biscuits that are just a little sweet, a little like a animal cracker. The Chinese don’t usually like really sweet desserts, although Wei loves ice cream!


You can see that I tried to find some “toys” for Brian. We had a nice visit and learned more about them. They are both from Mainland China and met here in Australia. He works supervising building projects and she works for a jewelry store chain. Brian was born last July and so he is about 1 month older than our little Dawson. I said to Mom after they left it reminded me of having our own children and grandchildren over for Sunday dinner. It’s something we haven’t done for quite a while.


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