Two Weeks Left

It is time to catch up on our blog! We finish our work in the Sydney South Mission Office 22 July. We will take one week to see a little more of Australia. We arrive home in Centerville 30 July!

3 May-Elders Beriong, Harston, Smith and Xiao showing off the Australian flag. It features the Southern Cross constellation. 6 May-On the right are Sisters Mauga and Moleni, Elders Veehala, Newman, Tuitubou, Beriong and Ledbetter. (I hope I got all the names right!) It is always nice to have them come into the office.

How fun it was to have Elder VonHatten, a former missionary, and his family come into the office! It is hard to learn to call him Tyler. They all came back to see Sydney. He took his family to all the areas he served in as well as tourist spots. Dave told them which trains to take and let them borrow a mission phone.

11 May-This is the Jensen’s last time in the office before going home to Pingree, Idaho. Their replacements in Narooma, Elder and Sister Babbel, are on the far left. They received a few days training from the Jensens before they left. On the right you  see Jensens, Kinghorns and Thompsons, our new office couple.


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