In the Office

We have a big variety of experiences in the mission office. I really enjoyed learning to use our Ibico system for creating books. It is easy and pretty fast. It is a much more economical way for us to get copies of the church produced language guides. They are extremely expensive to have shipped from Provo. We make our mission orientation books this way and also copy a free stop smoking program for the missionaries.

Dear Sisters Toialoa and Nansen give the best hugs in the whole mission. It is good they came into the office for hugs because Sister Nansen was transferred to Bathurst. Missionaries don’t find out whether they are moving to another city until Saturday night. Transfer days are Mondays and come every six weeks.

Great blessing: I need to move a lot of food from the office into the kitchen and Sisters Uelese, Iulu, Fotu and Sofele come in and carry it all for me. Elder Li from Hong Kong also snuck into the picture! I am starting the lunch preparations for the Mental Health Conference. We had two conferences, Tuesday and Wednesday 5-6 July, with about 100 attending each day.


Left, Elder Cowan is so happy because he received his New South Wales driving license. President and Sister Back are also pleased because we really need drivers in our mission. Right, Kim brought Elders Simon and Murphy their favorite American candy. (She found it on a special American isle at Aldi.) Kim is thrilled because her husband has agreed to take the missionary lessons from these Elders. They are very fine elders, very happy to help.


Above you see President Back, Sister Samsen, Ahnzaw (I hope I spelled that right) and Sister Coscos. I got to meet Ahnzaw who is from Fiji, when he came in for his baptism interview. When President Back learned his baptism was scheduled for a week later, he gently asked if Ahnzaw would be okay with having the baptism earlier. Ahnzaw replied the sooner the better. President Back knew Sister Samsen (also from Fiji) was going to be transferred and wanted her to be able to attend the baptism. They all sat on the couches in our office and made several phone calls to family, the bishop, the ward mission leader, etc. Soon his baptism was arranged for the next day and it went very well! We got to hear his testimony at the new convert fireside. He had many problems and had lost his job, his family, his home and his car. In despair he prayed and soon learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is so happy to be changing his life around. Sisters Samsen and Coscos are thrilled to see him filled with so much joy.




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