We Love the Bankstown Branch

21 May 2016-Our Chinese Branch members are enjoying our late lunch after church. We are pretty hungry by the time our meetings end at 2:30 pm. Left you see Vickie and Rabindra with their youngest, Iisha. That is Adam Lam in the background, holding the plate. On the right is Tianya, the Relief Society president pregnant with twins, Hwalia and Sister Lam. Note that they all have bowls. Traditionally, everyone eats from a bowl, making it easier to scoop food in your mouth with chopsticks. In the background you can see Cindy holding Hobbybe, Hobby and our oldest Branch member, Sister Pang.

Saturday, 8 July 2016, there was a branch activity at Blake Tatchell’s home.  He is an English speaking member of the branch whose girl friend, Mei is from Hong Kong.  It was sort of a housewarming for him as he recently moved into the home although he had owned it for a while and rented it out. The home is pretty far away and in the Sydney North mission but our branch pulls from the whole Sydney area.  There was a good turn out and a really good spirit there at the home.  We enjoyed a barbeque and some other good food Chinese style. The steak and chicken tasted so good! Mei, on my left, gave us some nice going away presents. I’m holding the owl bag and Dave has the oven mitts. Behind us you see Blake’s trophies from table tennis tournaments!

Here you see Vickie and John Hill with Elder Kinghorn. Right, on the back patio are Sisters Lee, Xiao, Mei, Sisters Kinghorn, Fung and Kwok. They were visiting teaching. You have to take advantage of every opportunity!

This is the house we helped paint, and we were happy to see that the walls look very good. Mei, Blake’s fiancee, did some nice decorating touches. Left is Elder Kinghorn with Isaac, Ian and Sofia’s little boy and Mei’s grandson. He is a sweet, but serious little boy! He was playing with the wrapping paper. Right: Brother Cou, Evangelina, Tajia, and Desmond Zhang, Isaac, Elder Kinghorn, and Vickie.



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