Leaver’s Dinner for Six

30 May 2016

Here we are around the table in the Mission Home after enjoying another delicious dinner for those who have finished their mission. Most the time we would use all paper goods, but these six ladies got fancy glasses and real silverware. Left, Elders Kinghorn and Thompson and Sister Thompson. Right, Sisters Tuapola, Mauga and Bogidua, all three really fine missionaries.Sister Tuapola was serving in the Sydney South Mission while waiting for her visa to enter the United States. It takes a long time to get a visa to our own country!

Left, Sister Albano, from the Philippines, Sister Eddie from Soloman Islands, and Sister Chi from Taiwan. Sister Albano is already a nurse. Right, Elders Simon and Murphy, assistants to President Back, are on each side of Sister Chi.

We have finished the songs, testimony meeting and prayers. Above left, President Back is putting pictures on a thumb drive for each leaving missionary. Sister Albano is on the left, Elders Simon and Murphy, right. President Back takes many pictures with his nice camera while they visit Circular Quay, the harbour and the Sydney Opera House. Then he gives each missionary copies of all the pictures. Often, the missionaries want pictures with us seniors. Here Elder Kinghorn and I are with Sister Eddie.

Above, Elder Kinghorn and I are with Sister Albano, then Sister Chi. (Sorry, the lighting is not very good. We are on the platform for the formal dining table.  It is between the family room and living room and is a platform raised 2 steps above them.) Why did we not get pictures with everyone? They are downstairs weighing their bags, choosing what they can take home.


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