Taronga Zoo

7 May 2016

After Jeff and Shelley told us how beautiful the Taronga Zoo is, we decided we had to go. The ferry ride itself is beautiful. We bought our zoo tickets right at the ferry entrance, so once we arrived, we were able to take the cable car up to the top of the hill. Above you see me just after we exited the cable car. The zoo is built on a rocky hillside just across the harbour from the opera house and bridge. There are stunning views of the city from many parts of the zoo. It was a little hazy the day we went.

The zoo is spread out with large enclosures for the animals. Here the giraffes are gathering to be hand fed carrots by patrons who paid a little extra. We saw a small platypus searching for the live little crayfish in its private river. It was a very dark display where the platypus could not see us. We had to wait for our eyes to adjust. The male platypus has venom in his hind claws!

Before the bird show, we sat in the shade in the amphitheatre eating our packed lunch enjoying the lovely view of the harbor. The show was excellent with the birds swooping right over our heads. The trainers got them as close to us as possible.We saw an Australian type of eagle and vulture, both with very large wing spans.


The black cockatoo was particularly beautiful.

img_0518Note the striking black birds with the red on their tails on the right. The flock of white birds above the trees were also part of the show.  A small grey with red bird took a 2 dollar coin out of boy’s fingers and later returned it to his palm!  Clever trainer, clever bird!

They showed off the sharp ears and excellent eyesight of the owls.

We also saw a big lizard and the birds in an aviary being fed live tiny caterpillars. I think it would take a bird lover to put her hand in and grab all those little crawly things and fling them out on the rock.

I especially enjoy seeing the animals that are so Australian. The kangaroos come in every size and color.

How about a kiss? Ahhh, it feels so good to scratch!

The cute koalas we saw were quiet and shy. The echidnas look a little like a fat waddling porcupine. I had hoped to see another wombat, but they were hiding. Elder Kinghorn calls them furry rocks because they cause so much damage to the mission cars. It is like hitting a deer or a kangaroo at night.

We were really close to the monkeys.

Can you see the sea turtle on the left? We also saw the excellent seal show. But they were all California seals!

Look for the garden clock on the left. Lots of sailboats out in the harbour.

Look what else we could have done at the zoo. What clever marketing to build a ropes course through the trees. The young people on the course were having so much fun.

Here are the views taking the ferry back to Circular Quay. We wore ourselves out spending 4 hours at the zoo, plus an hour each going and returning on the ferry and train. But it was worth it!


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