Your Leaving This Month?

5-6 July 2016

We had a Mission Mental Health conference in Mortdale on Tuesday and Wednesday. 200 missionaries came in, half the mission each day. On Tuesday, Sister Thompson worked in the office and I organized 6 Sisters cutting fruit and making green salads and cutting brownies to go along with 60 pizzas. The lunch went really well. It was nice to spend the time with the young sisters. I was so tired I ended up sitting and eating in the kitchen during clean up and just answering everyone’s questions.

I forgot to take more pictures until the missionaries found out we were leaving the end of July. We realized we might not see them again! The Elders we knew who served with us in the Chinese Branch all asked for pictures. Left is Elder Xiao, right, Elder Ross. Elder Ross served in the military and was very organized and courageous.

Elder Lee, left, worked so hard on learning English and really improved. Right is Elder Cheuk, who also plays the violin.

Elder J Lee is left and our fun, cheerful, Elder Soon, on the right. He is an artist and hand made us beautiful cards.

Left is Elder Chen and right, Elder Cui. Sister Thompson and others worked many hours on a visa extension for Elder Cui so he could stay his full mission. It turned out to be a very long and expensive process.


Here is special Sister Kapu from American Samoa.


On Wednesday, we got to attend the conference. This picture is from early Wednesday when Sisters Ulese, Iuli, Fotu and Sofele helped carry the food to the kitchen.

This is after the conference and our last hug. From the left, Sisters Sofele, Fotu and Iuli. You can see my red nose from crying. I love them all and was so sad to say goodbye.






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