Farewell Party

17 July 2016

Last night, President and Sister Fung hosted a goodbye party for us in their home. They really treated as guests of honor. President Fung had new simple slippers for us to wear and got down and put them on our feet! (They were very comfortable.)


The Branch members each brought a dish and we had a Chinese feast.They use portable cookers that keep the food warm like the white and silver ones you see in these pictures. Sister Fung is a really good cook and prepared salmon and also barbecued wings.

It was especially nice because Sofia and Ian were there with baby Isaac, and Sofia translated for us. I so enjoyed hearing funny Brother Lee’s jokes translated. On the right you see Brother and Sister Lee singing a Chinese folk song. Then they said it was our turn, so we sang I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. They were delighted and clapped along.

In their thoughtful way, they showered us with gifts!  (How much does extra luggage cost?) On the left, Brother and Sister Kwok stand behind us. (Sister Kwok was so sad when she got Bell’s palsy. It slowly got better and better, and now she has most her smile back.) Right you see Blake Tatchell and Mei Ng.

John and Vickie Hill are on the left. John gave us a little jar of vegemite, which we really should bring home and have (make) you each try! Brother and Sister Lee, right, made us the framed picture with cartoon drawings of most the Australian animals. Did you notice how most of us are wearing our jackets or sweaters? Electricity is very expensive in Australia, so even if a homeowner has ducted heating, it is not turned very warm. Everybody just rugs up, which means dresses warmly.

President and Sister Fung and their son, Kevin are on the left. President Fung gave me the watch, necklace and earrings. I was so glad Kevin stayed for the party. Right is dear Sister Xiu. She frequently gave us food, her own good cooking or sometimes crackers, chips or cereal. On the right you can see a little of the fancy cake garnished with strawberries someone brought. They had me cut the cake and then everyone clapped, like at a wedding celebration.

Left you see dear Sofia, Isaac and Ian. We met them soon after we arrived in Sydney when they both came into the mission office. Sofia works in finance at the church regional office in Carlingford. Right are Brothers Yang and Lin, who you will find quietly serving others. Note that Sister Lee is already in the kitchen cleaning up.


Here we are, full and happy to be together. Sister Fung, Mei, Blake, Elder Kinghorn, Sofia, Isaac, Ian, President Fung, Sister Kwok, and Brother Kwok. (Note on the shelf behind them the model of the Hong Kong temple, where the Fungs served.) It was a really fun party with people we have grown to love!



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