Mix and Match

This entry is a mix of unrelated pictures I wanted to include.

What do you when you arrive home late from the office and are very hungry? Breakfast for dinner. With not time enough to make his pancakes from scratch, Dave made the next best thing, Krusteaz pancake mix from Costco. (The Thompson’s alerted us they had found the mix at Costco.) Paired with the nice fresh fruit in Sydney it made a lovely dinner .

One afternoon we walked to the Mortdale memorial park that honors war veterans. It is a large block surrounded by big trees on all four sides. Especially pretty are the enormous gum trees all in a row along the street. Their white trunks spread wide. Dave noted that they wouldn’t last in our Utah climate because the weight of snow would break the spread out branches.


On the 11 April 2016, we joined with the Sydney North Mission for their Monday night Seniors Family Home Evening as they honored Elder and Sister Williams before they went home. They both helped answer many of our office questions. Elder Williams helped Dave in finding flats. We really wanted to be there to thank them personally for their help. President Checketts is very tall and standing near the center  with his wife right in front of him. On the left are Elder and Sister Williams. Right of the Checketts are the Leishmans, who helped us a lot setting up an flat for Elder and Sister Mackay (far right). The MacKays are in the Sydney South Mission as Education Specialists helping the missionaries plan for college. Elder and Sister Ellis are Self Reliance missionaries and are in a different stake or ward every week doing training. We had a delicious pot luck dinner together, then heard lots about the Williams hard work and good humor as an office couple. (The other couples had assignments such as public affairs, legal and public relations.)



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